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Process terabytes of data

Persom sitting at desk with computer, controlling large servers in the cloud.

in minutes, not days

Burla is the worlds simplest cluster compute software.
Scale across thousands of computers in the cloud,
with zero setup, and just one line of code.

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One Powerful Function

Burla is a python package with just one function: remote_parallel_map

With remote_parallel_map, anyone can run python on thousands of computers in the cloud.


In this example, remote_parallel_map will call my_function, on every input in my_inputs, at the same time, each on a separate computer in the cloud. 

See our documentation here to learn more.

⚡️ Low Latency

1000 CPUs within 1 second.

Burla will start executing your code with up to 1000 CPUs within one second of receiving a request.

🏎️ Nvidia GPUs

👨‍💻 Local Developer Experience

Just pass: GPU="A100"

When calling remote_parallel_map to execute any python function on a GPU-enabled VM.

Coding in the cloud should feel no different from developing locally.

Burla re-raises exceptions, and streams back stdout/stderr.

📦 Packages Sync Automatically

🐳 Custom Docker Containers

💾 Simple Network Storage

Burla automatically clones your local python env in the remote env.

Environments are cached so subsequent requests are still fast.

Call your function in any custom docker container with one extra arg.
Containers are cached so subsequent requests are still fast.

Need to process 1000's of files?

Run > burla upload ...  to add files to a network disk attached to every computer executing your function.

Pick Your Deployment Option

Self - Managed

     Burla is open source software!
     Install with just three commands.

     Check out Burla on GitHub

Fully - Managed

     Get started with just two commands.
     $3.00 per GPU-hour (Nvidia A100, 40G)

     $0.05 per CPU-hour

Happy looking computer connected to the cloud, with three green checkboxes.
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Jake Zuliani
Co-Founder, Product Lead

Join Burla's developer community

This function transformed the execution of 1000 python functions from a lengthy 16-hour process to completing in less than 10 minutes.

phuong nam.jpg

Phuong Nam Tran Artificial Intelligence Engineer


I was struggling with the problem of setting up a distributed computing system, Burla makes it 1000x easier.

moje_zdjecie (2).jpg

Norbert Chmiel Python Developer


Nice! Burla - Like a CUDA for Python for the AI and Power Developer Set.

Ken Nickerson.jpeg

Ken Nickerson

Partner, Innovation,
Maverix Private Equity

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